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We are Lazy Lizard Beer Company.

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So, who are we?

About Lazy Lizard

Lazy Lizard Beer Company was set up by Dave and Lynn Flower from Brighton in 2015.

Our History

David has been in the beer industry for over twenty years working for the likes of Whitbread, Interbrew, AB Inbev , Scottish and Newcastle and Heineken. Whilst visiting (and sampling of course) some great breweries on the continent such as Hoegaarden, Leffe, Staropramen, Belle Vue, Franziskaner and Affligem his passion grew for going it alone and creating his own fantastic tasting beers that transport you to your very own paradise. In November 2015 this dream came true and Lazy Lizard was born.

Our Vision

Our craft beers are brewed and packaged at a state of the art brewing facility with the highest quality standards that ensure our beer reaches our customers in the best possible condition. Every beer brewed is tested by our in house laboratory team. We use only the best ingredients available and source as local as possible in Sussex which is a county renowned for its superb agriculture.

We also have the brewing skill to brew fantastically tasting, gluten free beers. We use a low protein barley and meticulous brewing methods that result in the natural breakdown of the protein. Our filtration process that follows removes any residue. We do not use any de-glutenising agents or additives.